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2 years ago

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It's dark, it's late and sleeping in lion6 bed alone. I crawl into the room and see to sleep for a while, you look like your dream smile, watching the breath and sit there want to kiss you. instead, slowly undress imagine that you are awake and watching me. I can take one last look at sleep, and stroke my breasts and my nipples after getting into bed behind lion6 you. They are showing out of me. I feel your body tremble a little when I embrace you, and my hard nipples pressing into his back. Gently kiss your spine, I wrap my arms around his waist and push you to know I 'm here. I feel a little stretch then push me until I feel like a part of you. My left arm over his head and stroked while I kiss your back and hold for a few lion6 minutes, luck, and so could be for hours. Slowly my right hand and pull the trigger moves up through the chest, fingers lingering on her nipples and working conditions in the neck. He started to run afrom the neck, chest, through the abdomen to the pelvis, I instinctively pushed against me and your bow. I kiss revenge. You make me breathe. My hand moves down and caressed her thigh, pelvis, and I know a nail lightly over the area lion6 just above the pubic line, how hard it is. The patient is awake and present to the touch, as I wanted to be. I smile and kiss her back. I move my hand on your hips and move my pelvis against you, until you actually use is not closer to what hit with my hand again and without notice, press the balls and to stroke the length of your tail to the tip. That wince. I smile. I kiss you again, as a circle penis in your hand and slowly but firmly to stop it. When I lie you, I feel the pull of the muscles and release the body lion6 close to mine and deepen your breathing. My hand moves more quickly create a rhythm that matches yourHeartbeat for a while, then relax and go slow for a second mock. With another kiss, he smiled and firmly hold its tail and move faster until your breathing is like I know you can not take more time. While orgasm, kiss me and smile back accomplice job well done. There are no words and no movement more than my other arm remains in you, and he patted my hand, falls into a dream happy dreams. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a very personal fantasy of someone very special to me. Constructive criticism comments via lion6 e- mail or PM welcomes you.

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